Digital beach chair rental - simple and safe!

BeachNow offers support for smooth beach chair rental. The guest books in the app or on site via your system. The beach chairs can be opened via app or with a chip.

Ein Screenshot des Buchungssystems von BeachNow

The Booking System

Discover the efficiency and control that our digital booking system offers your beach chair rental business. As the linchpin of your operational processes, it enables you to manage all facets of your day-to-day business effortlessly.

Administration Icon
Clear administration module
The BeachNow administration module provides a complete and transparent overview of all booking and cash register processes. Easily manage bookings, customer data and your beach chair inventory.
Beach section division on a map basis
Maintain an overview and flexibly adjust prices - whether for different seasons, price scales or basket types.
Efficient invoice management
Structured and time-saving processing of all transactions.
Tablet und Smartphone mit dem mobilen Kassensystem von BeachNow
Flexible location-independent transactions

Mobile POS System

The rental of beach chairs and the sale of food and drinks can be handled quickly and easily via the mobile apps directly on the beach. Among other things, the process is supported by a simplified display of the back office functions. Receipts can be printed out directly on site using a Bluetooth printer.

Smartphone Icon
Android App
Easy booking and sale of beach chairs and additional services directly on the beach. Simplified selection options and Bluetooth receipt printing on site offer uncomplicated processing.
Tablet Icon
iPad App
Our iPad app for stationary applications is the ideal solution for beach snack bars. With simple item selections and optimized controls on the touch display, the app offers effortless beach chair rental and item sales.
Welt icon
Consistent data acquisition everywhere
Seamless communication with the server via WLAN or mobile network. Whether on the beach or in a beach snack bar - the consistency of all data, from occupancy to cash register management, is guaranteed at all times.

Overview of the functions

Beach chair rental

Beach chairs can be booked or reserved for specific periods via the mobile booking system.

Item Management

Additional items can be offered for sale via the booking system.

POS System

Integration of an electronic cash register system that enables the processing of payments for beach chair reservations and additional items.

Beach chair planning

Create beach chair plans, assign beach chairs to specific beach sections and transfer beach chairs between different sections as required.

Lock Administration

Management of locks on the beach chairs, including issuing, returning and checking the key chips.

Booking administration

View, check, change or, if necessary, cancel bookings.


Possibility to issue and redeem vouchers for beach chair reservations.

Reservation Plans

Overview of the occupancy of beach chairs and beach sections.


All seasonal sales at a glance.

The BeachNow Lock

Smartphone Icon
Open via app
Guests can simply open the lock on the booked beach chair using the BeachNow app.
Open via chip
If the app is not used, chips can be handed out to open the lock.
Closing mechanism
When the handle is pressed down, the lock closes automatically.
Cliboard Icon
Automatic activity protocols
Bookings and payment data are logged.
Maintenance after the season
Regular maintenance of the locks ensures smooth operation.
Schloss Icon
Haptic and visual feedback
The lock signals successful use to the user by vibrating or lighting up an LED.

The complete solution for your beach chair rental


Clear administration of the beach chairs


Increased customer satisfaction through maximum availability


Reduced effort thanks to automated processes


No additional costs due to regular maintenance of the locks


More customers thanks to the digital booking process